The Times We’re In.

Hearing the words
‘I will miss you’
Has kept me up at night.

Only you have the power
To do that
As much as I can’t
Stand the thought of it.

You’ll find someone to
Take my place
But it will not be the same.

Lips stained with wine
You kiss me
Feverishly and honestly
Proving my point.

We’re both trash
Like it or not
But we’re meant to be.

We’re both crooks
Who tried to play the game
Not knowing the rules
Who fell in this void of blissfulness.

The Story of Why I Love You.

Even you can’t understand,
This strange infatuation of mine.
When you ask me,
Why I stick around,
The rush of answers,
Seems overwhelming.

From the intricate ways of your mind,
To the look you give me,
That sets my nerves on fire,
Your smile,
Which means so much,
Because you are not used,
To being happy.

Refusing to accept your rejection,
Was the strongest choice I’ve made,
One which I can never regret,
For even if this now seems,
Too good to be true,
I can revel in your presence,
For just a little longer.

Waking up with you near me,
With the sunlight exposing our flaws,
Is always a moment,
When everything seems clear,
Is always the beginning of another story,
And no longer the end of one.

A Magnificent Routine.

Drowsy days and sparkling nights,
When I get your attention,
I could not ask for more,
The moments when you care,
Make me light up.

Is it still me,
In this constant charade,
Of moral consequences,
Between wanting to leave,
And hoping this would last forever.

The first morning coffee and cigarette,
Hits my mind with sobriety,
As I look at you and know,
That this can never work,
Before I drift off into a dream again.


The off-white sheets,
The drops of paint on the wood floor,
Your arm around me,
I don’t need to shut my eyes,
To live the fantasy,
As it has become my reality.

You will never say,
Those three words to me,
Yet I’m surprised,
How little it matters,
If only I can feel your touch,
And listen to your voice.

Obsession develops personality,
Loving you unrequitedly,
Has made me see that,
And even though you’ll never know,
The extent to which I care for you,
I’ll cherish every moment between us

Only A Dream.

You could be my Hemingway,
Underneath this sweltering sun in Spain,
For your words are short and careful,
With their meaning to be discovered
By the listener himself.

I could wrap my arms around you,
Sipping cocktails well into the night,
Smoke from your cigarette,
Curling into the hot air,
Of a southern night.

We could have this and more,
If only you loved me,
If only I let you know how I feel,
All would be simple, darling,
If only you cared.

Heart-shaped Glasses.

You are a sweet dream,
Made of charming words, skulls and poison,
I see the bruise you left on my neck,
My lipstick stain on the collar of your shirt.

There’s a look on your face,
That I can’t forget and don’t want to remember,
As you became the devil in my heart,
Leaving sharp pieces of it inside me.

Hoping I could say what I want,
But you would not hear it anyway,
Yet out of touch, out of mind,
Has never really been my strong suit.

Bloodshot eyes and tattoos,
I love every single part of you,
I can’t wait for the day when I will forget you,
Willing to wait even if it will never come.

Never Enough.

All the things he said,
Running through my head,
Can’t forget a single word,
Or the look in his eyes,
As he reached over and held my hand.

From the fluorescent lights of a shop,
To the disco swirl of colours in my room,
His body against mine,
Never wanting him to leave,
Never wanting to forget.

Knowing this can never work,
Already having heard his apologies too many times,
I keep wanting to cross the line,
To see him smile,
To hear his voice,
And remember,
All the things he said.