In the silence.


I hate thinking about revenge.

But unfortunately that is all I can think of when someone has been a complete jerk.

All I can do is imagine all the situations in which I would tell him;

“I’m so angry at you, I feel like I could slap you,”

“We are not friends though,”

“How could you be so heartless?”

And so on.

The fantasies fill my head, because I need an ending to this tale.

I thought closure was an abstract concept.

But it’s really not, since I’ve realized that I cannot live without it.

I will tell him how I feel.

If not for my benefit, then for the benefit of those who come after me.

Yet I know that one day, you will look at the person sleeping next to you.

And think that it’s someone else’s place.

My place.

I just couldn’t reach you in time.

But by then it will be too late for you and not me.


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