The Story of Why I Love You.

Even you can’t understand,
This strange infatuation of mine.
When you ask me,
Why I stick around,
The rush of answers,
Seems overwhelming.

From the intricate ways of your mind,
To the look you give me,
That sets my nerves on fire,
Your smile,
Which means so much,
Because you are not used,
To being happy.

Refusing to accept your rejection,
Was the strongest choice I’ve made,
One which I can never regret,
For even if this now seems,
Too good to be true,
I can revel in your presence,
For just a little longer.

Waking up with you near me,
With the sunlight exposing our flaws,
Is always a moment,
When everything seems clear,
Is always the beginning of another story,
And no longer the end of one.


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