A Day in the Life of a Broken Heart.

Tired of sleeping,
Hiding away in the warmth of the blanket,
Thinking of nothing but you,
Listening to the songs you loved,
Hoping I could hear just one word from your lips,
Put my hands on your face,
Kiss you as we say goodnight,
Take long walks on brisk mornings,
Drink coffee by the window,
Laughing about the things that excite us,
Smoke from cigarettes curling above our heads,
Standing side by side,
In love.

It all seems empty.
Emptiness which you left behind,
When you left without a word,
Finding someone else,
Repeating this routine with her,
While I try to replace you,
And find it more and more torturous with each day,
Surrendering to my fantasies,
Which is all that I have left.


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