Taste in Men.

There was a time,
When you said that you would never hurt me.
Now your words occupy the entirety of my mind,
Harming me ceaselessly,
With their truth and hopelessness.

It was you,
Who was supposed to be,
The light in my life, the one who,
Took away all the old pain.
Yet you only exchanged that pain for a different one.

One which torments,
Because for once in my little life,
I thought I had found what I was looking for.
My heart cannot bear the thought,
That you are like the others.

The others who
Left me forsaken and alone.
Who left their feelings without
Reason or rhyme,
Made my heart want to die.

Suddenly a stranger,
You forgot the kisses, the warmth,
You created a distance between us,
Which I cannot mend,
Which swallowed my hope.


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